Taste 2018 & Pecorino cheese with Pesto | An anniversary to recall!

The 2018 edition of the fair Taste in Florence was a special occasion for Il Fiorino dairy and Rossi 1947 company. In the prestigious setting of the Stazione Leopolda, the two manufacturers presented a new product of the highest quality never seen before as the result of the collaboration of these two giants of the Italian tradition.
On one hand, the famous Pecorino cheese produced by Il Fiorino, internationally recognized for its peculiarity, on the other hand, the precious Pesto Genovese Rossi 1947 produced according to the traditional recipe in search of the highest quality.

This partnership allowed the birth of a cheese conceived to enrich the gourmet tables all over the world: the Pecorino cheese with Pesto.

The Pecorino cheese is produced from sheep’s milk curd coming exclusively from the Tuscan Maremma, matured in the cell for at least 30 days. Pesto Genovese Rossi 1947 is added in purity immediately after the curd is cut.

The result is a cheese with a smooth flavour balanced by the perfect combination of ingredients: the presence of Pesto Genovese enhances the acidity of Maremma milk cheese with a strong fresh flavour. A delicious surprise for every palate given by the harmony between the basil and this delicate soft cheese.
The peculiarity of this cheese is also clearly visible: its crust is yellow, bordering on green because of the shredded basil leaves.
The scent is the one typical of the Pecorino cheese, which is intense and herbaceous. The texture is compact and freely soluble to be adapted to different types of dishes.

A great classic if grated on pasta, it is excellent for rebalancing the acidity of fresh tomato. We recommend it for the fillings of fresh pasta, because in this way this cheese releases all its characteristics of flavour: perfect with a filling of potatoes or vegetables and meat like the one used for cannelloni. Suitable to flavour any second course and salads in an original way.

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