Long Keeping Pesto Sauce

This kind of Pesto is dedicated to all our customers that:

We decided to try to satisfy all our customers’ needs by creating a kind of pesto of the highest quality, with a longer shelf life and resistant to temperature changes. Always respecting our values tied to the Genoese tradition.
It has been a long challenge, made up of several trials and attempts. The choice of maintaining the solidity of our distinguishing values made us encounter several obstacles, and in the end we did it.
The result is a good, artisanal and quality product, at the same time functional, practical and stable even outside the fridge.

In our long keeping Pesto sauce we use the same ingredients as for the fresh pesto: only pine nuts, extravergin olive oil, Genoese basil dop, Parmigiano Reggiano dop, Fiore Sardo dop, salt and Vessalico garlic (Slowfood presidium).

However, its characteristics are exceptional:

On the palate this sauce is strong, savoury and persistent, at the same time delicate and fresh, with its characteristic predominant taste of basil in balance with the cheeses, in harmony with the garlic and the delicate taste of pine nuts.

The Pesto Genovese studied for travellers that should never be missing on the pantry solving with quality the problems related to the conservation.
Excellent with meat, enhancing the delicate flavour of fish: try it in a salad of black rice and prawns.

Available in glass jars in three sizes: 85 gr – 180 gr – 500 gr
With and without garlic

Top quality in respect of the tradition!

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