We will tell you why the fresh Pesto Rossi 1947 is so special and useful tips for the fresh pesto genovese usePesto-Rossi-1947_catalogo

Our Pesto Rossi 1947 is sought all over the world because it is prepared using the finest traditional ingredients. However, simply accessing the correct ingredients is not enough. If it were, all pesto would taste the same. Pesto Rossi brings centuries of experience and knowledge to the selection of ingredients, and a clear idea of the goal, or taste sensation, they want to achieve. Pesto Rossi 1947 has deep roots here in the territory of the pesto, and our savoir faire has been carefully passed from generation to generation. Therefore, our pesto is no longer about improvisation or experimentation, and now this receipe finds its place on the tables all over the world.

First of all: in our pesto there are no preservatives!

We use the ascorbic acid as an antioxidant, an organic compound also present in nature in the form of a water-soluble vitamin essential for the human body.

All the ingredients are rigorously chosen respecting Italian tradition and quality.

Ingredienti pesto rossi 1947
Let’s see them together:

Traditionally cultivated in Liguria, the Basilico Genovese DOP has obtained the “Certification of Protected
Origin”. It earned this certification only after a long process of historical and chemical analysis; one that
led to identifying our Basil as one of the best Basils cultivated, both nationally and internationally. Our favorite basil is the basil that comes from the greenhouse, even in summer, because this type of cultivation protects it from the extremes of summer heat, and produces a delicate plant, perfect for the preparation of Pesto.

Trapani Salt. The first saltworks, in the Trapani area were founded by the Phoenicians and
have remained in continous production ever since. Thanks to the high temperatures there, natural
evaporation creates a salt that avoids the bitter, sour flavours found in some industrial salts.

Vessalico Garlic. Vessalico is a small town, located deep in the heartland of Liguria, almost on the border with France. A fragrant garlic is grown there, with a strong but perfectly digestible flavor.

Pine nuts. They are one of the fundamental ingredients for a high quality pesto, today replaced by many different products such as cashew nuts or walnuts. The pesto Rossi 1947 exclusively uses selected pine nuts.

Pecorino Fiore Sardo DOP is the cheese that gives our Pesto character. It is produced using raw milk.
Our cheese of choice comes from the Gavoi area, where it ages for 10 months. There the pecorino is smoked, using traditional methods, to ensure its conservation.

Parmigiano Reggiano DOP. There is little to say about the king of Italian cheeses. Nine centuries of history, produced with raw cow’s milk, partially skimmed by surfacing, with no additives or preservatives.

Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Starting with the Taggiasco, an oil with a characteristic sweetness which makes it perfect for our high quality Genoese Pesto.

Don’t you like garlic?

We care about everyone’s tastes…for this reason we prepared the Fresh Pesto Genovese WITHOUT GARLIC for people who do not appreciate it or find it hard to digest!

All varieties of pesto are available both in glass jars and in catering-sized bucket!

Useful tips for the fresh pesto genovese use

  1. Do not put the fresh Pesto in the pan on the flame as you do with other sausages, use it as you find it in the jar: the Pesto Genovese is a cold sauce. When used to season pasta, it can be dissolved in the bowl with a tablespoon or two of cooking water.
  2. Pesto Rossi is complete and requires no addition of Parmesan or other ingredients.
  3. Always keep the fresh Pesto in the fridge for proper storage.
  4. Pesto is traditionally served with pasta like trofie, trenette, potato gnocchi or other types of pasta – better if thicker to compensate for its aromaticity – but thanks to the attention of chefs skilled in experimentation, it is possible to combine it with fish, meat or in dishes previously considered improbable, such as hamburgers or gourmet pizzas, or as an ingredient in cheese (pecorino with pesto).

Do you want to know more about the history of pesto and its production?
Contact us at 010 8601096 or send us an email at info@rossi1947.it
It is in our interest to answer you immediately!

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